Picture of the week

Picture of the week
James Chandler, Norrish Creek, Mission British Columbia

Monday, June 2, 2008

Cameron Creek

On our way to the annual Puntledge River Festival this year the Western Canoeing & Kayaking team met up with local island white water guru , Shane Volmers, for what Shane called another Island classic. Cameron Creek is a ultra cool low volume creek. It was the perfect place to introduce two members of our team to the feel of a creek. It's definitely what I would call grade 4 because of the technical and continuous nature of it. But for the most part it had fairly low consequences for off lines and missed rolls. The run starts off with a gravel bed float that gradually changes into a narrow canyon. The rapids were lots of fun and as always Shane had bang on explanations for each drop. Shane's the kinda guy you feel confident following off horizon lines and around steep blind corners. This run would have taken a lot longer had we needed to scout each of the 30 some odd drops on it. Something about running a drop blind and unscouted, of this difficulty, was really awesome. You can only run the same drop blind once and that's when its best.

In true Vancouver Island Classic style this amazing little gem ends with a death hike out of gorge danm near vertically through some thick under brush. Still well worth it and on my Island favorites list that seems to grow every time I visit.

Cameron Creek Video

Curtis McHale and Jayson Clarke running a nugget drop.

Dan Bentley dropin some ledge.

Guy whose name I cant remember sliding some rock. (Sorry about the name)

2nd guy's name I can't remember boofin one of the ledges. (Still sorry about the names)

Bently stopping to throw a few ends.

Curtis doing his thing . . .


The mosh pit of gear crammed in my camper trailer for the ride out.

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